Two component system for roadside assistance. The helpdesk gets a perfect tool to control their services in any area on iOS and Android platforms. The web dispatcher provides web display and management.




Own, unique, purely Czech system designated for spreading dynamic traffic information into navigation devices using the RDS-TMC technology. System on input accepts traffic information from external sources (already coming information is decribed and located using Alert-C) and is subsequently spreading them to individual transmitters, which ensure the incorporation of traffic information in the RDS data disseminated by radio broadcasting. RDS data are then received and displayed by navigation devices.




MTrac (Mobile Traffic and Content) Ensures the delivery of mobile content directly to the client's phone. Anyone can be informed about the current traffic situation at anytime and always get the right answers to their questions.




Assistance hotline 12512 covers all motorways and expressways in the Czech Republic. After the voice command is accepted, the system processes the request and delivers the current traffic situation and in case of any new event it will automatically call and play the new information.

Modern assistance system for modern times.

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