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The goal of teleasist is to bring quality new solutions to the field of project management, mobile information systems and their integration. The company disposes of its own professional, technical, technological hinterland and high quality operative team.

We are ranked among the top companies when it comes to mobile content and processes. Our important areas of interest are systems for data collection and systems for distribution of traffic and related information. With the technical and technological base, we are a premium partner to all who need accurate and actual data in their database, overview interface or mobile system.




The company TELEASIST was eastablished on 8th June 2005 by Mr Petr Pivoda.

It disposes with several hi-tech systems includiong our very own, purely Czech system Prokop designed for spreading traffic info with the RDS-TMC.


How It Works?


An approved team deals with continuous analysis of problems, defines new requirements and their solutions. Consistently communicates with all partners, follows new trends and changes in technology.

Our traffic information systems are built to support access of all sources, including city and highway cameras, mobile reporters and a unique aerospace monitoring and to ensure localization, adjustment, assortment and distribution of information. Outputs support distribution via radios, WWW, WAP, SMS, MMS interface for mobile operators, radio stations, professional usage and RDS-TMC signal recipients.

Derived systems of the mobile content and processes use modified and sufficiently robust database platform, universal ordering module and advanced geographical system.

Mission and credo


''The fastest and cheapest information is the one from a simple and well-integrated system, built on open, easily accessible and reliable components.''

''Effectivity built on technology and experience.''

''We are more than suppliers. We are friends, partners, mentors. We never stop reaching for better solutions.''



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