Resilience against cyber-dangers is an organic part of our solutions. We are equipped to analyze, test, consulate and implement various security measures at all process levels supported by our systems
We are actively involved in creating the national cyber security environment, and we are one of the most sought-after authorities in this area.


In every enterprise there are basic cybersecurity pillars to be followed to keep majority of the incidents away. To translate terms of ISO 27k into human language we see these areas:

  • Prevention tooling
  • Monitoring
  • Testing and lab work


Assessment covers formal processes  and requires basic site surveys of critical infrastructure (office, DCs, operation center).


Testing covers system and personnel reactions to security events and situations (firewall Important goals of testing are to detect real vulnerabilities, measure actual risks and responses and complement data for proper architecture and process changes.

Security Architecture

Assessment and tests defines actual cybersecurity risk mapping. Based on this mapping, management have to define priorities and team can help defining architecture changes (system reconfiguration, system replacement, new system introduction or process changes etc., breaches, phishing mail campaign etc.).


Effective cybersecurity transformation will not happen without educated users on all levels. Awareness is a must and we are pushing it as one of the key elements.

Infrastructure (physical and logical)

Based on cybersecurity risk mapping Teleasist can provide service in building all critical cybersecurity elements on various platforms (open source, cloud etc.).
Smart firewalls and network traffic control (DPI, probes etc.)

  • IDMs/PAM systems
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Continuous testing and system hardening

Building and operating core security system

Teleasist can provide special treatment in the area of data leak protection by building dedicated systems or implementing and operating box solution.

Building and operating DLP systems

In the world of dynamically changing threats no one can rely on static solutions. Continuous monitoring is one of the means of dynamic protection.

Building and operating security monitoring

Teleasist can build and operate complete group SOC (security operating center) and CERT (computer emergency readiness team). This solution can be either build and handed over to Client or operated by Teleasist and its partners. Solution can operate on industry standard box solutions or can be build from scratch.


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