Custom Development


TELEASIST is a leading Central European IT company providing comprehensive services for businesses and institutions active in the fields of insurance, transport, traffic information, general security, integrated technologies and artificial intelligence. Based on specific knowledge, technology visions and innovative thinking, we strive to inspire and engage our customers in finding new ways to make more effective solutions.

Our development is managed in all phases, our software is economic, light, stable, reliable and perspective.

We have our own specialists in all key technical disciplines. We have all the tools and we can work with them. Our communication with the client is precise and professional. Our terms are realistic, our support is effective. We work with Java, Jboss AS/Wildfly, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, Apache HTTPD, Linux, Android, iOS platforms.

We have experience working with spatial data, processing and visualizing, using Google Maps and other Google APIs, Open Street Map, PostGIS geodatabases, configuration and use of WMS, WCS, WFS, SLD mapping services as well as custom route and map implementation visualization.

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